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Much like the entire D&M Rail family – is a true reflection of Namibia’s unique demographics and is composed of the best the industry has to offer

Johan Laubscher

Managing Director

The Job:

Johan directs and controls the company’s operations and to provides strategic guidance and direction to the board to ensure that the company achieves its mission and objectives.

Professional Philosophy

“Work with Purpose”

Wilbard Nashima

Chief Operating Officer

The Job:

Wilbard is responsible for the design and implementation of business operations, establishing policies that promote company culture and vision, as well as overseeing operations of the company and the work of executives.

Professional Philosophy

“Driving the train doesn’t set its course, the job is laying the track.”

Elizabeth Imene

Head of Department

The Job:

Elizabeth’s role as Head of Finance entails directing the financial resources of D&M Rail and its subsidiaries by managing the overall company budget, working capital and fixed assets. She is also responsible for the improvement of operational efficiency, while making sure the company is compliant with the relevant laws, regulations and financial reporting standards.

Professional Philosophy

“Leading by example and providing guidance to my team through collaborative hard work has allowed me to be more successful in life. That is why leadership, teamwork & commitment to hard work will always be my philosophical approach to a sound work ethic.”

Onecca Udjombalah

Compliance Manager

The Job:

Onecca ensures that company policies and procedures comply with ethical and regulatory standards in the project environment. She performs regular ISO audits, implements policies and design control systems to minimize financial and legal risk. On a day to day basis, Onecca is involved in the planning, implementing and overseeing of risk-related programs. She further creates and coordinates proper reporting channels for compliances and develops company compliance communications.

Professional Philosophy

“If your actions inspire others to dream, learn, do and become more – you are a leader.”

Johan Jurgens

Head of Commercial

The Job:

Johan is responsible for teams working together to obtain new business; to explore new avenues of activity and to seek out opportunities in order to help the company develop and grow. The commercial manager’s main roles include the financial management of projects, negotiating and agreeing contracts and verifying employee performance.

Professional Philosophy

“Always deliver more than is expected.”

Ettiene Hanekom

Procurement Manager

The Job:

Ettiene is responsible for sourcing and evaluating suppliers, products, and services, negotiating prices, and acquiring the most cost-efficient deals without compromising on quality.

Professional Philosophy

“Inefficiencies are often the difference between profitability and loss. Planning and proper execution are the building blocks of procurement management. There are no failures – just result to learn from.”

Jasmine Nuguris

Human Resources

The Job:

Jasmine provides advice and assistance to supervisors and staff, which includes information on training needs and opportunities, job description, performance reviews and personnel policies of D&M Rail Construction.

She also coordinates the staff recruitment process and provides advice and support to supervisors and staff selection committees and ensure that they have accurate and timely information in order to make effective decisions.

Professional Philosophy

“People are the greatest asset of an organization.”


We have completed numerous large-scale railway construction and rehabilitation projects over the past three decades. This is highlighted by our flagship project to upgrade the current Namibian national railway network to an 18.5 tonne axle load capacity and the extension of the network to neighbouring countries.

We combine an unmatched set of skills, underpinned by our commitment to provide best-in-class practices to provide rail construction.

Accustomed to working under tough conditions on time-sensitive projects with large budgets, we utilize tried and tested project management practices to execute our proud track record.

We offer a full range of services, including construction; relaying of railway lines; maintenance, , manufacturing of concrete panels for ballastless track; loading; securing and offloading of bulk rail equipment; railway engineering consulting; and the supply of material and rolling stock.


We have a permanent, highly skilled construction team which can be deployed on projects anywhere in the country and abroad.

It has honed its experiences and skills over three decades of being in charge of all of Namibia’s major railway infrastructure construction and maintenance projects.

The most recent such project have included:

  • The continued upgrading (ongoing since 2012) of railway line between the critical mid0way siding of Kranzberg to the northern mining town Tsumeb.
  • The new track upgrading project between the Port of Walvis Bay and the mining town of Arandis.


In Namibia we continue to support the Government’s endeavours to put railway transport on the forefront of the country’s quest to become a central transport hub for the southern African hinterland.

And so, as the importance of railways become more critical in Africa’s socio-economic development, the rehabilitation of old railway lines and the construction of new extensions will increasingly become important.

Therefore, we stand ready to ensure that the arteries of growth for the economies run smoothly.

Manufacturing & Logistics:

We are well experienced in the handling of large quantities of heavy rails in 36m lengths safely and as per customer requirements.

We have handled over 40,000 tonnes of rail successfully for our major projects.

In addition, we have manufactured – and continue to do so as required – pre-cast concrete panels for specific projects.

Railway Consulting and Supply:

We provide professional and tailor-made advise on railway projects of any scope or size.

Our consulting railway engineers and technicians with their expansive wealth of experience, are part of an exclusive club of professionals, who serve as the first stop for technical and financial solutions for the feasibility of projects and their implementation.


We proudly apply a people-centric approach to the way we work.

Using labour-intensive methods, combined with best-in-class technological applications, we ensure that the start-up times for projects are reduced and forex savings of up to 60% can be effected.

And whilst we may compete with more mechanized methods, we remain proud that our labour biased methods continue to yield huge employment opportunities of up to four times more than what mechanized methods would offer.

The communities through which our projects progress, benefit greatly through this as we source the majority of our labour force from these towns and villages.