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D&M Rail Construction Corporate Social Responsibility project with the Otjizondjupa police and traffic vehicles

During a visit to the Police station in Otjiwarongo, we noticed that a number of vehicles are not operational due to minor defects. A meeting was subsequently held with the officers and their problem obtaining permission to maintain their vehicles was explained to us. D&M Rail offered to help as we have a well equipped workshop with trained technicians and the officers gladly accepted our offer.

D&M Rail Construction have managed to repair and maintain 8 vehicles belonging to the police and traffic force in our workshop so far by taking in one of their vehicles per week. The officers are extremely grateful to D&M Rail for this help and in turn this allows them to perform their duties to the communities with serviceable vehicles. The project will continue for the foreseeable future.

Donation of building material to the Orwetoweni Primary School in Otjiwarongo for the building a boundary wall and gate for the school

D&M donated food to a day-care centre for orphans and vulnerable children called Hare Hoado which means “come all” in Otjiwarongo. The day-care centre was founded in 2003 and is home to 150 children. The centre also has a pre-primary school section and the only funding is by receiving donations from businesses.

Handing over of funds to the Etunda School and Clinic project in the Otjozondjupa region. D&M believes in the education and the health of our youth to ensure professionals for Namibia’s future.

Sponsored fun day at the Kalkfeld village to encourage the community to get involved with sport and recreation rather to spend time in shebeens or other unproductive activities.

D&M sponsored jerseys for the under 17 Otjizondjupa soccer team who participated against other regions in Rosh Pinah. This team came second in the competition.

D&M often support the communities in the areas that we work and here we assisted the Otavi municipality with bush clearing for a new low cost housing project.

Benita Johannes of Duinesig High School was maimed by a train in the industrial area of Walvis Bay received an electrical wheelchair from D&M which enables her to go to school on her own and to improve her mobility. She also receives N$2000 per month from the company for her personal need as she does not have close relatives or support in Walvis Bay.

 D&M recently assisted the Kalkfeld community with cleaning of the village with construction machinery. More than 400 loads of rubbish were carted away and the value of the operation was in excess of N$200 000  

D&M hosted a Christmas party for the children’s cancer ward at the Windhoek Central hospital where about 40 children between the ages of 2 months and 11 years old living with cancer are treated. Some of these children have been abandoned by their parents and they were given some joy is their lives.


D&M Rail is very proud to be associated with the local communities where we operate in and has therefor pledged more than N$2 mil to the needy during the past 8 years. Apart from smaller donations to schools, children homes and churches, the company’s most recent big community projects were the cleaning of the Kalkfeld village including the provision of new rubbish dumps to the value of N$300 000.

The Municipality of Otavi approached D&M Rail Construction to assist with bush clearing and the grading of roads for their mass housing projects. A bulldozer and grader was made available to the Municipality to give their project a jump start and the value of the assistance was in excess of N$200 000.  

Various programmes aimed at the upliftment of life skills of our staff are ongoing which result in a well-motivated and positive work force. The sense of responsibility we have fostered for the social environment in which we operate is a key element in our business sustainability.