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In line with the Who’s Who publication for 2019 theme of “15 ingredients for success”, D&M Rail Construction would like to share the Company’s 15 ingredients for success in the railway construction business. By applying uniquely Namibian approaches to our daily tasks, considering the environment as well as our greatest asset, our people, we construct a world class railway line.

All our workers are employed from the areas we work and railway construction differs from other construction types in that we work over long distances, covering various towns such as the current project from Kranzberg to Tsumeb which is 392 kilometres long.

The salaries earned by our staff support extended families in our communities and the improvement of their living standards make them responsible citizens of Namibia.

By applying manual labour methods during construction instead of mechanical rail construction, more people can be employed in our communities thus addressing unemployment. 

Over years our employees were exposed to the art of railway construction and many previously unskilled persons can now build railway lines and have developed into a formidable skilled group of men and women.

The high standards of work D&M Rail Construction (Pty) Ltd applies during upgrading and rehabilitation of railway lines unsure for the safe passage for all trains, maintaining our record that no train derailments occurred during our watch due to Perway faults.

D&M Rail is well equipped to handle any railway material shipped to our shores, be it rails, concrete sleepers or ballast, which are the main ingredients of a railway line.

D&M Rail Construction is a 100% Namibian owned and managed company with skills that have been transferred from experienced railway engineers to the next generation of engineers.

Training of staff is one of the main pillars of D&M Rail to ensure qualified technicians for the success of railway transport in Namibia for years to come. These group of recently qualified platelayers were all still in school 3 years ago and now they can pursue on their professional careers.

We are very proud that we could spend in excess of N$1mil with our Corporate Social Responsibility programmes over the past 7 years to help and uplift the needy in the areas where we work.

Our latest flagship project is to support the Otjozondjupa Police force with their important task in the community by keeping their vehicles maintained and roadworthy.

The safety and well-being is of utmost importance to ensure healthy strong workers on our construction sites with our labour intensive approach.

The risk of injuries to our workers while travelling has been greatly reduced.

D&M Rail owns a fleet of 80 specialised vehicles which is being maintained by a well-equipped workshop with skilled technicians.

Proactive and preventative approach to railway rehabilitation keeps us abreast of the condition of the track at all times and reduces rail failure.

Practical on site exposure to the fine detail in the components of a railway line have empowered staff to work without supervision to the correct standards.

D&M Rail Construction is perfectly positioned to design and construct private sidings and a number has been completed over the years throughout Namibia